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  • VLCPC Training Manual
  • Child Adoption Final
  • Adoption FAQ
  • Best Practices in Foster Care
  • Caring for Children
  • Child Protection
  • Determinants of Child Marriage
  • Foster Care Demonstration
  • Foster Care Resource Materia
  • Indicators
  • Process Document
  • Tools Foster Care

Child Adoption

Kuzhandaigal Thatheduppu

Foster Care Resource

Maatru Kudumba Murai

Determinants of Child Marriage

An Evidence Based Appraisal

Protection Rights

My Protection Rights

No Child Marriage

Vendaam Kulandai Thirumanam

Saving the Girl Child

Strategies Manual to Save the Girl Child

Protection of Children

Kulaindaigalin Paathugappu Matrum Pengal kadathalai Thaduthal

Protection Rights of Children

Kulaindaigalin Paathugappu Urimaigal

Tamilnadu NGO Report

Tamilnadu NGO Report on Realisation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

Vizhithiru Penney

Valarinam Pengalin Payirchikana Kaiyedu

Your Story

Un Kathai

Voices of Children

A Consultation with Children on the Realization of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Child Adoption

Child Adoption and Thereafter

Children of Tamilnadu

Children of Tamilnadu and state budget

My Rights

Enadu Vurimaigal

Village Child Protection Council

Graama Alavilana Kulanthai Paathukapu Kuzhu

Handbook on Child Adoption in India

Child Adoption in India

Help Us Make a Differance In The Lives Of Vulnerable Children